Andy entre otras muchas cosas publica una revista muy bonita que se llama Clam.
En ella entrevista a mucha gente de distintas nacionalidades y profesiones.
En cada numero un tema, y a todos las mismas preguntas.
El tema de este numero: "Ailleurs" que significa "otro lugar".

What is your name?
Carole Hénaff
How old are you?
Where do you live?
What do you do?
Graphic Design & illustration
The theme for this issue is "ailleurs". Can you give us in your own words, as much as you want, a project, an idea or something that takes you "elsewhere".
Travelling with a sketchbook.
The sketchbook is the refuge of the isolated traveller.
How does it work?
The good thing with this is that there is no rules.
It is totally free.
Where are you now?
In Barcelona.
What are you doing?
I have just moved my studio.
How long are you gonna be there......
I've been there for 15 years and it still might takes a while.
Is there your "ailleurs"? If not where should it be?
Timbuktu, the mythical city where I never arrived.
This is ten years we've been doing clam... is there anything you've done for that long?
In 1999 I started working with graphic design, so yes! Just 10 years now!
And was it worth it?

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